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Our firm handles misdemeanor, felony and DUI cases throughout Utah.  We will spend the time to understand your case in order to develop the best possible defense.  We have the experience to thoroughly evaluate your case, explore possible legal defenses and develop the best possible strategy for a successful outcome.

We understand that nothing can be more traumatic and stressful than criminal charges.  We treat all of clients with professionalism, respect and compassion.  We also understand that our clients are the best resource for understanding what happened in their case and what possible defenses exist.  Therefore, we put a premium on our lawyers’ accessibility and their willingness to provide whatever counseling our clients may need.

We care about the outcome of your case and how it can affect your life.  When appropriate, we try and refer our clients to community resources that provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation, anger management, domestic violence, parenting and other counseling.

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