Jenson and Guelker - SLC Attorneys - - Litigation

Our law firm offers a full range of civil litigation services for our clients.  Our lawyers have assisted clients in a wide array of matters, including  employment law, employee benefits, civil rights, personal injury, contract disputes, professional licensing, administrative law and health care law.  The principal goal of our litigators is to act for our clients in the most effective and efficient manner Рwhether that means pre-trial settlement or lengthy courtroom proceedings. With strong professional and academic credentials as well as extensive experience in state and federal courts, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in a broad array area of cases.

We recognize that our clients would often prefer not to be in litigation and need our accurate and timely advice on complicated issues of law and the effect the facts of the controversy will have on the legal issues. We strive to balance the needs of our clients with the demands of the case and to attain our clients’ highest goals.